From Fat to Fit, Now from Fit to Pro Fitness Model

The Very Short Version of My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started on November 2014 when I stood on the scale at 306lbs. I decided that I needed to lose weight and take my life back into my own hands. Since I made that decision, I have been working my butt off everyday to reach my goal of becoming a pro fitness model. I already accomplished my goal of participating in a fitness competition. Now my goal is to become a pro. If you would like to know the whole story please read below. Thanks for your visit.

The Full Long Story


I had just turned 30 years old, but I felt old and tired. I had all types sicknesses that people my age shouldn't be suffering from, worse I had no energy to get through the day, literally falling asleep as soon as I got home from work. This kept me from actually living and spending time with my family and friends. Things only got worse for me from here.


I was suffering from sciatic problems. in my lower back My knees ached from all the weight on it, so I did a lot of sitting, I was pre-diabetic, so this caused me to have low energy levels when I didn't eat properly, I had high-blood pressure, I had high cholesterol, I had just been diagnosed with possible adult-on set asthma and at the age of 30 I was given my first asthma inhaler. I was in the hospital almost on a monthly basis, because I was stressed out from working 3 jobs and 13 to 14 hour days. Worse my back problems would keep me from being mobile and active on some days, sometimes getting to the point were I was bedridden for days to try and recover. This put a lot of pressure and forced my wife and my mom (RIP) to have to take care of me. I felt helpless, worse I felt useless. I would lay in bed for days trying to recover, wondering to myself I can't go on living like this. I frankly wasn’t enjoying life, I was depressed a hit a new low. Not only was I obese, but I resented myself for allowing myself to get this way. I realized then I needed to make a change in my life and fast. Otherwise, I knew continuing down this path my future looked bleak. 



In October/November of 2014, I stepped on the scale and it read a whopping 306 lbs., over 48% body fat, and I had less than 30% muscle mass based on the scale results. I was shocked and depressed by what I saw. I knew I was big, but it was the first time I had weighed myself in a longtime. I avoided scales at all cost, like a plague I tried to keep my distance so it won't hurt me. Looking at the scale I couldn’t believe it, I did not realize I had gotten over 300 lbs…Once I joked to a friend that I was one strawberry away from 300, but I was wrong, I passed that milestone by a decent margin. I was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror and I knew the way I felt was depression…I just ate my feelings away and it lead me to be this big.



Of course I knew, I just ignored it. I told myself, if I didn’t see it on the scale it wasn’t true. However, I knew I was only fooling myself. I had instances that should of told me I was big. Incident #1, I got on a go-cart and it turned off on me when I ignored the weight limit and convinced myself I was lighter than I was. I jumped on and the cart literally did not move, I was too heavy and the cart couldn’t handle my weight, so I pressed the gas down all the way and forced the engine to start, well I burnt the engine. The kid working the course had to come and ask me to get off the car and leave because I was too heavy. I think that must have been really difficult for the kid to ask a grown man to leave, because I had damaged the cart. Worse this was in front of a lot of people. I had to wait outside while my friends finished their race and had fun without me. Of course, I ignored it and went on with life and hoped for the best.



However, I knew I had to make a change I was tired of being sick and fat all the time, I was embarrassed of myself and quite frankly couldn't stand the way I looked anymore. The problem, I didn’t know where to start. I read everywhere not to push my body and to start slow because I was so deconditioned, but I knew I needed to make a change fast.


I started doing research and decided to immerse myself into this change fully. I bought all types of workout equipment and turned my garage into my own personal fitness gym. It was costly, but the only thing that mattered to me at this point was my health and feeling better. So with the support of my wife I got going. I had no excuse, it was going to be all or nothing. I had everything I needed in my garage, I couldn’t make the excuse that I was too tired to go to the gym, because it was less than a minute away from me.



The second thing I did, was buy a meal plan and I set out to change my life. I started working out every day. Weekends were two-a-days. My friend got me doing Insanity Max 30. The first time I was dying after 4 minutes of working out and maxed out at 7:45 minutes. I thought my chest was on fire and my lungs just couldn’t keep going. I was embarrassed for myself and wondered if I could even do this. I wanted to keep going, but all I was doing was flapping my limbs around the rest of the video. At the end I collapsed and laid their pondering what the hell I was doing.


Day two. I went for a jog with my wife, how hard could this be. I was dying after about 3 minutes and had to walk the rest of the way, I felt pathetic and again I wanted to quit. I was embarrassed for myself. I did not feel like a man. I felt worthless.



How the hell did I let myself go so far? I was an athlete in High School. Again I asked myself, how could I possibly let myself go so bad? Doubt set in my mind that I could do this. But as I caught my breath I realized this was the reason I got this big. I always quit. This wasn't the first time I tried losing weight. I had tried in the past, but always either found an excuse to stop or life got in the way. It wasn't a priority. At that point I said screw it, I started something and I am not going to quit this time. I told my wife I was ready to really commit.



I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I knew I had to do this for myself, so I hammered down and went for it. I decided to join Instagram and use it as a support for my transformation. I posted anything and everything about my fitness journey. It was a motivational tool for me. Getting those likes and the comments of support really kept me going. I continued this regimen for several months and I started to see results little by little. My body was changing people were taking notice.


I did hit several walls in my journey and there were times I wanted to quit. However, I looked at where I came from and kept chugging along. I wanted fast results, but realized this was a marathon not a sprint. I didn't get fat overnight, so it would take time to find myself again.



There were times I said screw it I am going to gorge and forget this who fitness journey. There were times I would just stop working out for a few days, because I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I just wanted to watch some damn TV. I even stopped posting on Instagram for a while, because I got sick of it. Haters on there making these awful comments. Worse I didn’t see the instant results I was looking for or the results weren’t visible to me. I was working out everyday sometimes twice a day, so I asked myself, WHY ISN'T THIS FAT GOING AWAY!!!


However,  every single time, I would find myself again, because part of me knew I had to do this for my health and my family. The more and more I sat on it and contemplated how I looked before and how I felt, I knew I couldn’t stop and kept marching on. I couldn't go back to being sick all the time. I was tired of being tired. I was convinced myself that it took a me long time to get this way, so I knew it was going to take a long time to change it. I was determined to continue...



My wife even thought I was not committed and every time I fell off the wagon, I knew what she was thinking, “He’s going back to his old ways.” She really was my support and she really was patient with me throughout the process. However, I could see it in her eyes, she didn't think I could do it. My friends didn't think I could do it. My family kept saying, don't worry you'll join the "darkside" again and join them being heavy set. I just used this as fuel to keep my fire burning. I took it as a challenge to prove them wrong, but most important to just prove to myself I can do it.



Well fast forward and a little over a year later on January 2016, I hit the century mark of weight loss. Over 100lbs lost, that is the equivalent of losing both the kids off my back. I had done it. I had reached my goal, but something else came to mind. I didn't want to stop. I wanted more. I remembered a few months ago, I said to myself in one of my videos, that a six-pack of beer I had on my shirt would one day be a real six-pack of abs. I looked at the video and said I’m going all the way with this for my own sake and to prove everyone wrong. I remember everyone laughed at me for posting that video, even my wife and personal friends thought I was being silly, but in my mind I knew I had the drive and fire lit that could not be extinguished anymore.



I decided I want to do a competition. I didn’t know how or where or even how to start, but I knew I wanted to do one. I knew I really had to hammer down my nutrition and pick-up the workout regimen to the next level. I knew that if I was going to do this I was going to take it serious and like the sport it is, act like an athlete and treat my workouts as practices and bouts against my competitor, which was my will power. I decided I needed help, so I bought the book, Bigger Leaner Stronger, and got to work. After buying the book, I decided to change my workout regimen and follow the books advice with some changes here and there based on other research I had read about.



This workout became my own recipe for success. I lifted at least 5 times a week and did fasted cardio 5 times a week as well. Well after a month of really kicking my butt, on January 28, I weighed myself and saw something I had not seen since freshman year in high school over 16 years ago. I was able to drop my weight down to 199 lbs. in a little over a year. That day in the shower I started sobbing really hard, I caught my head in my hands and just let go of the tears, I was in disbelief, who would have thought that in under a year I would be able to change my life so much. I was a new man and I was reborn and ready to conquer the world.


I contemplated my journey and what I went through to be here, all the pain, the gallons of sweat and tears, the time commitment, everything came rushing to me. In this moment the emotions overwhelmed me, but I was happy I knew what joy was again; I went from being fat and sick all the time to training for my first show and in the best health and shape of my life.



I am writing this piece about myself at 179 lbs. with body fat at about 7%. For the first time ever in my life I can see my abs and muscle striations. Best part is I haven’t seen a doctor in over 16 months, except for an annual checkup. The results were all optimal. Well, I like the results I am seeing and I am pushing myself to new limits every single day. On April 23rd I competed in the WBFF competition in the transformation category. When I stepped on stage I got a standing ovation. I had never done anything like this in my life. The feeling is unexplainable, I cried on stage, I was proud of myself for the first time in a long time and I couldn't control my emotions. Well I had won already, the day could not get any better so I thought. Well they announced my name and I won.



I was shocked. I didn't think I would win the event. Nor did I think I would qualify for world's. But when they called my name I was speechless. I didn't even react. I walked off stage and it didn't hit me until I read the certificate. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE QUALIFIED FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN TORONTO, CANADA. Congrats on your weight loss transformation. Well the excitement stayed with me for a few days, until realization kicked in that the real work had just begun. In order to be ready for worlds I needed to step up my game even further. I had to do things I had never done before. I had never done a competition, let alone win, now to be able to take my story to the world stage, WOW. I can't even explain the feeling. This story doesn't end here, I will keep you updated.



The results speak for themselves, total weight loss of 127lbs and body fat percentage down over 41% from where I started. This took long days of work, sweat, tears, and blood to accomplish. It was a full-body and mind transformation.


I want to thank my wife and my kids for allowing me to do this for myself. Without their support I would not been able to do this. I know this took a lot of time away from them, but they allowed me to do this to better myself and they are getting a better husband and father from it. I want to thank Joshua for getting me going on Insanity and his support throughout the process. Finally, I want to thank my mom for always believing in me, even when I was big, she said I could do anything I set my mind to do, and here I am on stage as a fitness competitor. I told myself I would accomplish this before I turned 32 and I am proud to say I did it. Thank you. 

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