The Scale is Not Your Friend...

How many times do you weigh yourself?  Monthly, weekly, daily, several times a day?

So I've been talking about this on my Instagram, Major_Mynor, for the last week or so. The scale is not your friend. In fact, if you use it too often it can cause more harm than good. It will mess with your mind. Fine, even I got admit, I weigh myself at least once a day. Well what gives. You just said using it is not good?! Well if used right it can be a great tool for you and I'll explain in a bit how.


I know it becomes an obsession, just like the lyrics in the song by Frankie J:


It's early in the morning,
And my heart is feeling lonely
Just thinking bout you baby
Got me twisted in the head.
And I don't know how to take it
But it's driving me so crazy
I don't know if it's right
I'm tossing turning in my bed,



Then you step on and the song goes from romance to heartbreak. The scale just slapped you with a number that either was too high or too low. Never are we really happy with what we see. If we lost weight, it wasn't enough. If we gain weight, it could have been more.


However, the reality is the scale does not tell the whole story of your journey, whether it be to gain, lose, or maintain your weight. I remember during my transformation I would step on the scale and wouldn't see it budge. It angered me and frustrated me. Why wouldn't it change? I started researching and realized I was doing it all wrong.


The scale gives you a number, but that number represents a lot of other things as well. The scale is meant to give your current mass. However, it won't tell you how much muscle you've gained if you have been working out. By the way, this will make your numbers go up drastically the first few months, because beginners can pack muscle on faster. Further, the scale doesn't tell you what you ate the day before or what you drank or how much water you retained or other reactions and actions that occur in our bodies.



So you're probably saying how do I track my progress then. Well the best way I think is to take pictures of yourself every week and compare them. There may be weeks where no change can be seen with each picture. So this next step must be added. Take measurements. Measure your waist, hips, neck, and chest. Keep a record of each measurement. The best way is to use centimeters or the cm abbreviation on your measurer, it will give you better accurate numbers then using inches.


However, you're probably thinking that seems like a lot of work. Option two is much easier. Go based on how you feel and look in your clothes. If you are losing weight your clothes will start feeling a little looser or all of a sudden those jeans you couldn't get in popped right on. I recommend you find that pair of jeans you couldn't fit in and make that your first goal. This is the method I used to test my weight loss. I had a pair of jeans I couldn't close anymore, after a couple of months the scale wasn't moving, but I tried the jeans on and voila they fit and I could close them up. At that point, I didn't care what the scale said, I fit in the jeans that didn't fit before, I've made strides, better than that, I felt good.


Wrapping It Up


Step 1: Don't use the scale as the end all to your fat loss

Step 2: Measure yourself

Step 3: Use the way you feel and look in your clothes as a gage to your success

Step 4: Find that pair of jeans or shirt you don't fit in and use it as a goal.


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